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Soles Fitting Instructions



SOLE Custom Footwear is designed to feel custom-made for you. Over time, our mouldable platform contours to the unique shape of your foot and our fabrics, though durable and strong, will stretch just enough for a fit that's truly personal.

Depending on the shape of your feet (e.g. width of forefoot, arch height), the frequency of wear and other factors, the length of the customization period will be different for each person. It may take a few hours or a few days but the end result will be the same – footwear that feels like it was made just for you.


Soles Fitting Instructions


STRAPS: Initially the straps may feel tight, designed to fit narrower feet and to stretch to accommodate those who need more width. If after 20 minutes of wear the straps feel too snug, try manually stretching them with your hands.

Needing to stretch your straps may indicate that customizing your Flips could take more time. Be patient though; wear your Flips longer each day allowing them to gradually mould into the most comfortable sandals you own.

ARCH SUPPORT: We know that feet aren't flat. That's why our Custom Footwear is made with an orthopedic platform that cradles every contour of your foot.

At first this may feel strange – particularly the arch support. Give your feet time to adjust; they're not used to wearing something designed just for them. In no time the arch will compress to the right height for a supportive Flip that feels good – and is good for your feet.

MET (METATARSAL) PAD: Metatarsals are bones in your feet (just forward of your arch) that are often restricted in tight-fitting footwear. SOLE Custom Footwear is designed to Optimize the Natural MotionTM of the feet by keeping them in their neutral position. A wide forefoot and met pad in the platform do just this by lifting and spreading your metatarsals, allowing them to relax.

Like the arch support, the met pad may feel odd at first. But, in time, you and your feet will grow to love the difference this feature makes.