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Customer Feedback and Testimonials

Customer Feedback and Testimonials




"I bought the VIBRO TRAINER 4 months ago. I use the machine 2-3 times a day for
10 minutes each time. I suffer from arthritis, I had sore knees and sore legs.
Now I feel much less pain which has enabled me to lose 26 kilos in weight. I
recommend this machine to anybody. Tony - East Keilor, Melbourne


"I bought a treadmill but had to stop using it because of knee pain. (I've had a
knee replacement on my left knee and arthritis in my right) plus I wasn'tlosing
weight despite all the sweat and hard work. With the VIBRO TRAINER, I’d lost
half a dress size within 3 weeks. My friends are commenting on how good I look
and after using it I don't feel tired, I feel great, my energy levels have gone
up! I didn't think it was possible."Penny - Adelaide


“I bought a VIBRO TRAINER after I'd been using it with my physiotherapist. I was
suffering from Sciatic pain so severe that I was having regular injections to
handle the pain and was even contemplating Surgery. I began using the machine 3
times a week for just 10 minutes each time, my back pain has disappeared, I have
had such relief I am walking once again and able to enjoy life. It strengthened
my core muscles, increased my bone density and stopped any further muscle
atrophy.” Louise- Sydney


“I am a qualified Physiotherapist working with special needs Children in
Melbourne. We are finding that the VIBRO TRAINER is helping the Kids with
coordination, general fitness and wellbeing. The Children love the sensation on
the machine, which motivates them to get the exercise they normally would not
get.” Kate- Physiotherapist - Melbourne


“I have been using the machine for warming up and cooling down my clients. It
has increased their Hamstring Flexibility on average by 1-2 inches. I have found
the VIBRO TRAINER to be very beneficial after a workout as it dispels lactic
acid. Its great for Knee injuries as it is a non-impact workout, and I’ve found
the Vibration helps whole Muscles work rather than just sections. It has also
prevented Asthma attacks. The Vibration works on the Circulation and relaxes the
spasms.It also dissipates the Mucus in the Chest, which assists in opening up
the Airways.” Anna - Personal Trainer


In 2005, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. The Neurologist said it was
slow moving and that I would have 10 good years. Parkinson’s is hereditary and
as my Father contracted the disease at aged 72, then it is 5 times more possible
that I would inherit it.There is plenty of medication, he told me, but no
cure. My lifetime career has been spent as a Pianist, Organist, Arranger and
Teacher.I have worked in the Music Industry all my life and now I cannot play
because the Parkinson’s has affected my hands. It also prevented me from showing
our beloved Samoyed dogs and later on the medication would affect my memory.
Naturally, I was totally devastated and did not play for the next 2 & 1/2 years.
My third book of arrangements 'The Magic of Gershwin' may never be completed. I
felt it was such a pity as there were only a few pages to go, but I had lost
concentration and motivation.Frustration filled my world. I spent most of my
time doing crosswords, with the main joy of life coming from being an 'Extra' in
some movies including Australia. This could be my new Career, I thought, but
sadly there is not enough movies made here to keep me busy. In November 2008 we
went to Pet Expo with our Samoyeds and during the day there my wife, Diana went
for a walk and saw the Vibro Trainer. Diana suffers from arthritis in her spine
and cannot exercise at all and has difficulty maintaining her mobility. After
trying machine, Diana rushed back to us and 4 people descended on the stand. Bob
was the next one to try it out and hear about the benefits to Parkinson’s
Disease. We were so impressed that we purchased the machine that day and so did
our friends. Now six months later, Diana has amazing mobility and much less
pain, but the real success is that I am playing the piano again. I have my
confidence back and the book is finished and ready to be published. I have been
also able to cut down a little on the medication and I can think clearer and
remember more. Oh and by the way, although I was not overweight, I have lost
that extra tummy bulge and feel great. At least six of our friends have
purchased the Vibro Trainer and all are happy with the results, especially 92
year old Clifton, who now is convinced he will live to 100. Thank you AMAZING
VITALITY for bringing this machine into our lives. The changes to our lives
is truly AMAZING!!!!! - Bob NSW


I use the Whole Body Vibro trainer in my practice as a rehabilitation nurse
since March 2010. I found this machine is quite useful as a part of the
rehabilitation program in combination with other strength training equipment. I
use this equipment to help people with a wide range of chronic conditions:
Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and lower back pain. Even
after a short term of using the 'Vibro Trainer', I noticed most of my patients
have different degrees of benefit. I would like to take an opportunity to thank
you for the introduction session and ongoing support. Irina – Devonport (TAS)


Through a combination of a number of things including, arteries blocking up, a
Triple A (abdominal aortic anneurism), heart operations, stents, a shortage of
blood to the lower parts of my body, causing cramping and pain when doing
exercise, difficulty walking, muscles getting weaker and putting on weight.I was
introduced to the Vibro Trainer by Amazing Vitality. This machine has worked
wonders for my physical condition, improved my circulation, reduced my cramps
and pain when walking, increased my strength generally and is slowly reducing my
weight. All this in a matter of 2 or 3 months, and is continuing. When I
informed my Doctor of my improvement in health, he told me he was already aware
of the benefits of these machines.

Thank you to all concerned. Ian – Paynesville (VIC)