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About Vibration Training


Origins of Vibration Training

Started 40 years ago by Russian space scientists, it was initially created to fight the effects of the micro-gravity on their cosmonauts. The research found that through standing on a vibration platform, it stimulated the development of their cosmonauts muscles and bones.


How the Vibro Trainer works

Stretch Reflex

The principle of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) training is to cause rapid muscle contraction from the mechanical movement of a vibrating platform via stretch reflex. It is an alternative and efficient form of weight bearing exercise, just like weight training and push-ups, but it is non-weight bearing.


WBV stimulates the nervous system, resulting in other parts of the body to be stimulated. It works in a similar way to weight and resistance training, stimulating rapid musclecontractions. The VIBRO TRAINER generates vibrations from the platform, through the body, causing muscles to contract and expand at up to 40 times per second, dependent on the speed it is on, which will then increase your blood circulation and metabolism at a faster rate than that of conventional training.


As a result of this, your body will reach the fatigue point sooner, therefore rebuilding and strengthening muscles much faster.


An example is that of a conventional training program, such as squats. If you get one contraction per squat, it will require a lot of work with more repetition in order to achieve your desired goal. If you compare this to the 40 contractions per second which can be done on the VIBRO TRAINER, then the VIBRO TRAINER is doing the repetition for you, which results in fat burning, for example, at a much faster rate.



We also then need to have sufficient g-force gravitational loading to produce a training effect on the muscle. With these 2 key factors and simple exercise positions on the platform, one will receive the key benefits and results.

No other exercise can provide such a great balance of the 5 elements of fitness:


1. Strength
2. Agility
3. Power
4. Flexibility
5. Endurance


How often you need to use Vibro Trainer

For Resistance Training use the VIBRO TRAINER Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Exercise Programs. For fastest results, it is suggested to use the VIBRO TRAINER Program every 2 days. For maintenance, use 2-3 times per week. 10 minutes on the VIBRO TRAINER is equivalent to an hour in the gym!


You can adjust the speed of the VIBRO TRAINER from grade 5 – 35 for the Commercial model and 5 – 40 for the Deluxe Commercial model, depending on your needs. There are also a variety of positions and programs you can exercise on the VIBRO TRAINER depending on what part of the body you want to focus on.


To gain the best results through using the VIBRO TRAINER, we suggest that you contact us for the best programmes to suit you, and also to consult a Nutritionist or Naturopath for a healthy eating plan. There are a variety of exercises for all fitness levels to cater for your Lower Body, Upper Body & Core. The Vibro Trainer also has a BMI program, to view weight loss or weight gain and keep you on track to a healthy body weight.